EmeraldVision Rocks JDE Analytics

E1 Business Intelligence. Reimagined.

Still struggling to get the right metrics into the right hands at the right time – without draining the lifeblood out of IT? It’s time to seize control. EmeraldCube streamlines JDE analytics with an application that is as elegant as it is powerful.

What is EmeraldVision?

EmeraldVision is an advanced plug and play E1 business intelligence tool that manages modern-day complexity without breaking a sweat – giving people what they need to look smart, and act even smarter.

Why Choose EmeraldVision?

What if you could move JDE analytics from gargantuan spread-sheet generation to delivering higher value adds, making IT the rock star that it deserves to be?

  • Picture an interactive dashboard for your VP of Sales – fed by data from Salesforce, Excel and JDE E1 – identifying the most profitable products and customers, tracking leads in the pipeline vs. goals, and providing the intel to hold sales reps accountable.
  • Imagine the intel from JDE E1, Constant Contact, Salesforce and Social Media coming together seamlessly so that Marketing can assess campaign effectiveness for future budgeting?

Throw your old assumptions away. Say hello to the only true SaaS E1 business intelligence solution created specifically for JDE environments and super-streamlined with IT in mind.

  • No software
  • No hardware
  • No updates
  • No sweat

See E1 business intelligence in a whole new light with EmeraldVision. JDE analytics made awesome.

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Stop Fraud in its Tracks Encrypt Sensitive JDE Data
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