Subsystem Jobs in a Wait State

Recently during an audit of a client’s system that had just gone live on JDE 9.1, I discovered there were 22,000 records in the F986113 on a waiting state (screenshot below). The client had not complained about UBEs not running and I had not found any subsystem jobs setup during the initial investigation of the system so I was curious to find out what was going on.


Upon further review of the subsystem jobs that were waiting, I found that all of them were the Interoperability Generic Outbound subsystem UBE (R00460|ZJDE0001). Interoperability functions are provided to facilitate the exchange of data with external systems.  When the R00460 subsystem is setup and running on the logic server in the JDE configuration, it looks for the next “W” record for this report and version in F986113.  When R00460 finds a record meeting this criteria, it will do one of two things: call a UBE or call a business function to process the EnterpriseOne data that is located in the flat file [Z tables].  Since I did not find any subsystem jobs running during my audit, I knew the client wasn’t using the subsystem functionality and I needed to figure out how to turn it off so we don’t accumulate all this useless information on the subsystem table.

I found the following oracle support document to help explain the issue and provide a solution:

E1: OUTBND: How Do R00460 and F986113 Work Together and Why Are “W” Status Records Accumulating (Doc ID 638805.1)

The solution to deactivate interoperability was to remove any existing values in the ZJDE0001 version of the interoperability processing options. Using the Interactive Versions application (IV from fastpath), I reviewed each of the applications below that were specified in the document:

  • P03B0190 | ZJDE0001 – Invoice
  • P03B0191 | ZJDE0001 – Receipts
  • P0400048 | ZJDE0001 – Vouchers
  • P0400297 | ZJDE0001 – Payment
  • P0900160 | ZJDE0001 – Journal Entry

All of the applications were setup with values in the ZJDE0001 version for Interoperability. I removed the values in the ZJDE0001 version in each application by highlighting the version, going to the Row Exit, then Processing Options, tabbing through each one of the interoperability entries and making them blank.

Next, I deleted all of the Subsystem processes that were in a waiting state and monitored for several days. Fortunately, this solved the issue and no more jobs showed up, as you can see below.


Since this occurrence, I have worked with three other clients that had the same issue so this could very well be affecting your environment. Check it and let me know what you find out!